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10 things your accountant can (and should) do for you

  1. Funnily enough, keep you ‘accountable’ – help you understand & stay on top of your business numbers

  2. Provide perspective & business advice for growth & profitability. Explain lag & lead indicators & offer forward planning services

  3. Provide expertise & experience in tax & business accounting

  4. Integrity & honesty – genuine care for you & your business

  5. Good communication & regular follow up – treating you like a person not a number

  6. Answer your accounting questions in easy to understand language

  7. Advocacy – represent your best interests with the ATO

  8. Give you financial peace of mind

  9. Advice on succession planning & business transition for family business

  10. Advice on business structure & investment (due diligence) opportunities

If you need any of these services, or a new accountant (or know someone who does!), please organise a chat with Grant.