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A bit of a straw poll about Australian drivers

Do you think that the trend of reduced numbers of younger people getting a drivers licence also applies in Australia?

Can you think of any reason why younger people don’t get a drivers licence:

1. They live in the city or very near to work

2. They live near to very good transport links

3. They don’t want to travel to areas without said transport links

4. They find driving boring – especially as they can’t watch/use their phone

5. They are concerned about the environment – so prefer to use public transport and/or walk/cycle

6. Parking is too expensive a cost for where they live

7. No car then no drink driving

I see the opportunities for driverless cars if #4 and #7 are the issues. Otherwise it would suggest that getting a drivers licence which used to be a right of passage into adulthood (and that my 12/13yo daughter is counting down the days to get) is a trend coming to an end

What do you think?