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Square Pegs, Round Holes

Square Pegs. Round Holes. (Innovation)

Australians are known for their innovation – Hills Hoist, WiFi are just a couple of things that we created.

Innovation is often a case of finding a product and applying it for a purpose different to how it was originally intended. Applying a square peg and fitting it to a round hole

Shipping containers are a good example. Such are being converted and used for cheap housing (the small house movement).

In an interesting article in Sunday’s paper it details how a fathers 35 year career working with fibreglass and his sons vision/design skill has resulted in the creation of shipping container pools.

They are quick to make, quick to make/install and relatively cheap ($18900 for a 6m chlorine pool; $29900 for a “12m Magna option).

Materials are an A grade shipping container and a fibreglass shell is entered with stairs and a safety ledge. Filtration systems are located under the deck of the pool and easily accessible.

And they look good too.

Excellent innovation. Can you think of any other product altered from its initial purpose to create something new?